What is Drupal?

Drupal is one of the worlds fastest growing open source Content Management Systems. There are over 1 million websites using Drupal and a surprising number of big brands have switched over to Drupal from WordPress or Joomla. Did you know that The White House uses Drupal for example? Or how about Virgin? Drupal is trusted for many reasons, 3 of which we detail more below...

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Why Drupal?

1) Security

Drupal's founders strenuously focussed on security and this has been methodically continued since its inception with all the experts who have, and who continue, to work on the CMS. For an Open Source system, this is as secure as you can get. The proof of this security is the calibre of those who have chosen to use Drupal - including  - whitehouse.org, commerce.gov, weforum.org and many, many more.

2) Scalability

Many businesses need to constantly improve and upgrade their website as they grow and this also means they need to scale. Drupal is made up of a Core and Modules. The Modules allow you to grow from the Core which means you have unlimited scalability. There are huge amounts of pre-existing Modules to add to your Core, however - on top of this, if you cannot find a Module to suit your particular need, the system is Open Source, which means you can develop a new one to fit your specific task.

3) A massive community

Drupal has a community that is vast, highly-focussed and has grown exponentially since 2001. The Web Choice team are part of this community, and we have built good relationships with a wide network of professional who can help up with any tailored requirement.

As you can see - Drupal can be a very good choice of CMS and we would be pleased to design, develop and build you a beautifully crafted website in this platform should you decide to go for it.

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