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Sarah was looking for a good hotel to stay in on a recent trip to London. She went online trying to search for a website that gave a detailed description of the accommodations and services before booking a room for her. She browsed her way through different websites, frustrated and lost. Some websites had fonts too big to fit her mobile screen and some too small to read. Some websites took way too much time to load on her screen and, for others, she could not find a call to action - there was no way of contacting the hotel easily! This is the story of thousands of customers trying to find what they are looking for online. The solution? You can create a website that effortlessly gives consumers what they need when they need it. Surely no business wants to lose out on potential customers because of a badly made website?

We now live in the mobile era and it is inevitable that people will be opening your website from their phone - millions upon millions of users are using smartphones and tablets. Consumers now prefer mobile web browsing over desktop as mobiles are handy even when people are "on-the-go". Creating a mobile-friendly website is the first step you can take, but just tweaking your website will not keep you ahead of others. Responsive Web Design is the current trend among web designing companies. Let's learn about responsive web design, what it's all about, it's benefits and how you can help your company grow using this approach.


Responsive Web Design for a premium mobile experience

We’ve all been there, trawling web pages on our phone only to become frustrated at unintuitive navigation, fonts that aren’t displaying correctly, missing calls to action, and seemingly endless waiting whilst a page tries to load…Missing out on potential custom because of a badly designed website is not something you can afford. Whether we like it or not, we live in the era of the smartphone and an increasing number of customers will access your website from their phone - Smartphones and tablets are used by millions upon millions of users, they simply can’t be ignored or given a second class experience. 

The first step you can take to rectify the issue is to reach out to an experienced website development company that’ll be able to create a 100% mobile-friendly website for you, keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

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What is a responsive website?

A 'responsive website' is a website design that adjusts to a consumer's device smoothly and continuously giving the viewer the best experience of its design and content.

What does Responsive mean in web design?

As the name suggests, ‘responsive’, means the ability to access a webpage on any device without compromising the way it looks - a responsive web design should flow well whatever the size of screen. Responsive Web Design allows your website the flexibility to change position, bend and fit into the screen making it easier for the user to read and use the website. Responsiveness in design means ‘responding well’ - in simple terms responsive sites are sites that 'respond well' - they look good and work well on all devices!

How do I make my website responsive?

The general idea is to create a basic website and then build it up in such a way as to make it smartphone and desktop friendly. Using browser detection and mobile device detection combined with a device capabilities database, we can figure out if certain HTML and CSS features are supported by these websites. At Web Choice we create websites that have a responsive web design. We help you make your website unique by creating designs that work perfectly on all types of devices and screens. Our responsive web designs are UI and UX focussed.

Why is responsive web design important?

We are living in the age of mobiles and tablets. Far more users are switching to mobiles for online searches and Google is built for these users. Google does not favour websites that have a poor browsing experience. The preference from Google now is towards websites having responsive web designs and this means higher ranking for these websites in the Google search. Responsive web design will always give you an edge over your competitors - but more importantly if your website is responsively designed you will have more traffic and better conversions!.

Benefits of responsive web design?

  • Good customer experience and site usability. This leads to users visiting the site more often (which in turn leads to more leads)
  • Higher Google rankings!
  • Being mobile friendly (more than half of internet traffic now searches on a mobile!)
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation

What is the difference between responsive and adaptive web design?

Responsive web design

  • Uses just one layout for a web page and seamlessly adjusts to fit the device's screen
  • The layout of the website is determined by the user's browser window
  • Responsive web design depends on flexible and fluid grids

Adaptive web design

  • Creates different fixed layouts that adjust to device-specific screen sizes
  • The layout is resolved on the back end and not by the user or browser
  • Adaptive web design depends on predetermined screen sizes

What is a responsive user interface?

A responsive user interface is a network of technology and design principles that are used to make a website function in such a way that it adjusts perfectly to any computer, mobile or tablet screen size. The basic idea with a responsive user interface is that you do not lose the exact purpose for which the website was made when a user is viewing it from a desktop down to a mobile.

Examples of responsive web design

Here at Web Choice, we are focused on providing websites that look beautiful and are security focussed - this is why we aim for a responsive design every time - we build high-quality responsive web designs that are UI proficient. Check out some examples of websites made for our clients using responsive web design.

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